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Urquhart Golf

A lighter way to golf

Leave your bag at home.
Introducing Urquhart, the adjustable golf club you can play your whole round with.
  • Adjust: to 11 different clubs in just two seconds
  • Shipping: worldwide in 2022
  • Design: by a team who have created clubs for Taylormade and Titleist

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From putter to lob wedge in 2 seconds

With a simple click, click, click Urquhart transforms into 11 different clubs.

A lighter way to golf

Carrying just one club makes the golf experience simpler and more fun at each step.

Created for golfers of all ability

Our mission is to make golf a simpler and more accessible game for all. 

Whether you're just starting out, or have a scratch handicap, Urquhart is for you.

World class design and engineering

Our team have designed clubs for Titleist, NikeTaylormade and other top brands. 

We understand high quality golf club design and manufacture - and have focussed on creating a club that feels beautiful to hit.

Golf wherever you go

A single club makes golf possible in many more situations. Keep a club in your:



Vacation Home

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Urquhart is a brand new way to golf.

Be the first of your friends, your club, your city to play golf the new lighter way.

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